Penal Code § 86 - disseminating propaganda of unconstitutional organizations

(1) Who propaganda
First of the Federal Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional party or a party or association, established by the incontestable is that it is a substitute organization of such a party,
Second an association which is banned appealable because it is directed against the constitutional order or against the idea of international understanding, or established by the incontestable is that it is a substitute organization of such a banned organization,
Third a government, organization or institution outside the territorial scope of this law, which is active for the purposes specified in one of the numbers 1 and 2 parties or associations, or
4th Propaganda, which are determined by their content to continue efforts of a former Nazi organization in the domestic spread or for distribution in domestic or foreign manufacture, stock holding, imports or exports or in data storing publicly available will be punished with imprisonment up to three years orpunished by a fine.
(2) a means of propaganda for the purposes of paragraph 1 are only those writings (§ 11 para 3), the contents of the free democratic basic order or the concept of international understanding is directed.
(3) Paragraph 1 shall not apply when the means of propaganda or the act of civic education, protection against illegal endeavors, the arts or science, research or teaching, reporting on events of current affairs or history or similar purposes.
(4) If the low debt, the court may waive a penalty under this provision.

§ 86a of the Penal Code - use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations
(1) A prison sentence of up to three years or a fine will be imposed on anyone who
First domestic mark under § 86 para 1 No. 1, 2 and 4 designated parties or associations or publicly disseminated in a meeting or disseminated by his writings (§ 11 para 3) uses or
Second Objects that represent containing such marks or, for distribution or use domestically or abroad in the designated number one in fashion manufacturing, stock holding, imports or exports.
(2) mark within the meaning of paragraph 1, including banners, badges, uniforms, slogans and forms of greeting. Referred to in sentence 1 are those same characteristics that are similar to confuse them.
(3) § 86 para 3 and 4 shall apply accordingly.

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is premised that customers and visitors to the website Antique Scout Saxonia be permitted only under the condition when they purchase the offered historical and military items, especially those from the Nazi period, only for purposes of civic education, protection against illegal and subversive aims, for scientific and art historical research, education and reporting on the events of contemporary history or military history and uniform research purchase.

'Antique Scout Saxonia' offering theses items only under these conditions.

With the purchase of items that are marked with the emblems of the Third Reich or organizations committed significant time, the buyer is to purchase these things only for historical scientific reasons as above, and use them in any propagandistic way to . use Such use would be punishable under the § 86/86a StGB, and assure all purchasers of such items that they do not pursue any criminal intent within the meaning of § 86/86a StGB. Only under this condition orders are accepted.

With the adoption of online services, the visitor accepts these conditions.

With all of the company

Antique Scout Saxonia and offered to search for pieces are perfectly contemporary originals, if they were not specifically described as being manufactured for collectors / repros. The descriptions are made in good faith and conscience.

Slashing, stabbing and thrusting weapons are sold only to persons over 18 years. The reproduction of all antique log on to scout them around Saxonia photos protected by copyright. Offense is punishable by a penalty of 10,000.00 €.

The company

antique Saxonia Scout always has the right to obtain credit information about the customer and to refrain from negative credit rating of a business relationship. If it subsequently turns out that negative data already known about the customer, the purchase took place as this, this is a criminal offense and is marketed as a deliberate fraud on the police report.

The company Antique Scout Saxonia dissociates itself from all right and right-wing scene and would not be associated with this.

The sale to members of right-wing parties and / or organizations of us is not desirable and is suspected for any reason not carried out. The Company Antique Scout Saxonia again points to the § 86/86a StGB and buys or sells its products only for the purposes of this paragraph. The company antique Saxonia Scout reserves the right, without giving any reason not to carry out deliveries or not to answer certain e-mails

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